Germantown Yarn


Germantown is a yarn with a history as old as America. For many years the term “Germantown” did not mean a specific kind or brand of yarn, it simply meant good quality worsted spun wool from Germantown, Pennsylvania.

The wool that goes into Germantown is called territory wool. Territorial wool (or range wool) is a name for wool that comes from the former US Territories, broadly anything west of the Missouri River, but in the case of Germantown, mostly from Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. The most prevalent breeds are Rambouillet, Targhee, Columbia, and Polpay. The natural color of the fleeces has a more creamy tone than the whiter Australian or South American wools, and more crimp and body which makes for a loftier yarn with more bounce. Germantown is a worsted spun yarn, as opposed to a woolen spun, which means the fibers are combed, adding strength and a nice, smooth quality to the yarn.

We are proud to carry on the tradition, and we hope you are ready to welcome Germantown back into the fold. You can read more about Germantown's reintroduction to the market and the history of Germantown yarn on Kelbourne Woolens blog. Do you remember Germantown?


Germantown is a trademark of Kelbourne Woolens. Women owned and operated in Philadelphia, PA since 2008.